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Number of courses: 57
Course name Duration Type Options
Safeguarding Children - Level 1 01 hours 45 minutes Online
Safeguarding Children - Level 2 02 hours 30 minutes Online
Autism Awareness 01 hours Online
Online Safety - Risks to Children 30 minutes Online
Online Safety for Parents and Carers 30 minutes Online
Child Sexual Exploitation - Level 1 02 hours 45 minutes Online
Child Sexual Exploitation - Level 2 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Eating Disorders 01 hours Online
Abuse Related to Beliefs in Witchcraft 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Honour-Based Violence and Forced Marriage 02 hours 30 minutes Online
Loss and Bereavement 1 hours Online
Information Sharing and Consent - for People Working with Children 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Gangs and Youth Violence 1 hours Online
Framework for the Assessment of Children and their Families 30 minutes Online
Hidden Harm: Parental Substance Misuse, Parental Mental Ill-Health and Domestic Abuse 2 hours Online
Bullying and Cyberbullying 01 hours Online
Sexual Abuse and Recognising Grooming 1 hours Online
Substance Misuse 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Private Fostering 30 minutes Online
Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery 01 hours 15 minutes Online
Safeguarding (Awareness) - for Higher Education 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Safeguarding Against Radicalisation - The Prevent Duty 01 hours Online
Safeguarding Children in Sport 30 minutes Online
Safeguarding Children with Disabilities 30 minutes Online
Understanding Child Development 30 minutes Online
Keeping Good Records 45 minutes Online
Safeguarding Children - for Education - Level 1 2 hours Online
Neglect 30 minutes Online
Safer Recruitment 02 hours Online
Understanding Behaviour of Children and Young People 02 hours 30 minutes Online
Suicide Prevention – Risks and Awareness 45 minutes Online
Teenage Pregnancy 45 minutes Online
Self-Harm 30 minutes Online
Physical Abuse 30 minutes Online
Emotional Abuse 30 minutes Online
Medication Awareness and Safe Handling of Medicines 30 minutes Online
GDPR - Core - For Staff 01 hours Online
Equality and Diversity 01 hours Online
Hate Crime 45 minutes Online
Mental Capacity Act 01 hours 45 minutes Online
Domestic Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence 30 minutes Online
Personal Safety: Lone Worker 30 minutes Online
Coronavirus Awareness ( iHasco ) 15 minutes Online
Safeguarding Adults - Level 1 02 hours 30 minutes Online
Missing Children 45 minutes Online
Unconscious Bias 30 minutes Online
Fire Safety Awareness 1 hours Online
New and Expectant Mothers 45 minutes Online
Multi-Agency Working 30 minutes Online
Loneliness and Isolation 15 minutes Online
Information and Cyber Security 30 minutes Online
Food Allergy Awareness 45 minutes Online
Effective Communication with Children and Families 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Diabetes Awareness 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Gypsy and Traveller Cultural Awareness (FFT Bespoke) 01 hours Online
Female Genital Mutilation 02 hours Online
Epilepsy Awareness 30 minutes Online